About Us

Leveraging Technology to enable 10 million climate champions in Middle East and Africa by 2030

An open learning platform, by the region, for the region, from the region. Dedicated to providing best-in-class, tailored, climate action capacity building programs to the two mission-critical segments in our society: government. With local knowledge, experts, and cases, our focus is enabling better policy making in government and impactful entrepreneurship. #SolvingForTomorrow

Key Features of the Institute

Open to all MEA public sector employees from across the region, regardless of their age , prior experience, or areas of focus

Relevant to regional ambitions and challenges

Participants will be able to study 100% remotely (online virtual institute )

Reflects regional experience, with regional experts and leaders. By the region, from the region, for the region

Language will be Arabic and English (original, curated, or translated)

Open access: few entry requirements other than being an Middle East and Africa government employee (with formal gov-emaill) 

Powering Future Readiness, By the Region, For the Region


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